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Shedinja's gimmick is having 1 HP but can only be knocked out by Super-Effective moves, But what I wanna know is, why is it's base HP one? I don't just mean the gimmick, I wanna know why 1 base HP equates to 1 actual HP, because MISSINGNO. In gen 1 has 0 defense, but at level 100, it's max defense Is 98, not 0. So why does a point in HP base stat equal actual HP for Shedinja, but not other Pokemon? If Shedinja's base HP is 1, shouldn't it's max HP be higher than one?

It's probably just the easiest way to convey that Shedninja will always have one HP. Just like how Z-Moves have an accuracy of 101, but if you lower the user's accuracy, the Z-Move won't miss.
Shedinja's HP stat was programmed separately to always be 1 for balance issues. Also, super effective attacks aren't the only things that can defeat Shedinja.

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Well, here's a bit of a theory.
You know how the only way to get Shedninja is to have an empty slot in your party and a pokeball in your bag when you evolve it's pre evolution right?
Shedninja is basically a husk, an empty shell left behind, most likely from Ninjask. It's HP is 1 because empty shells are weak and not very strong and can be destroyed easily. Wonder Guard was added because it used to be a protective shell, so it would make sense for it to be somewhat protected.
Now if you really want to be a huge jerk, try to get a Shedninja with the Sturdy ability and Endeavor. I personally haven't tried it out but I looked up how it would work and I observed as my friends battled with that Shedninja.
But yeah this Pokemon has 1 HP because it's a husk, which is also why it's a ghost type.

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No because they made the point of Shedinja so it will die immediately, and wonder guard is just for defense.