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As in, what types are there where you can have a full team of 6 individual Pokemon? (Pokemon that aren't the same species)


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Fire (Only with Reshiram)
Electric (Only with Zekrom)
Psychic (Only if both version exclusives, Gothita and Solosis, are in one game.)
Steel (Only with Escavalier)
The only legendaries I counted were Reshiram and Zekrom.

Me looking through the B&W dex many, many times.

Thanks a lot!
He never said he can't have multiple Pokemon from one evolution family.
I just assumed he didn't want multiple Pokemon from one evolution family when he said no duplicate species.
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It is impossible to have a full mono-type Pokemon without using Pokemon of the same species. Although the Normal typing does come the cloest with 5 Pokemon so if you wanted a Normal type team you could double up or use a dual-type Normal Pokemon such as Unfezant. Listed below I have every type (In gen 5) and how many mono-type Pokemon there are for each type. I hope this answer helped.

Normal 5 Pokemon
Fire 3 Pokemon
Water 5 Pokemon (4 final evolution Pokemon)
Electric 2 Pokemon
Grass 4 Pokemon
Ice 3 Pokemon
Fighting 4 Pokemon
Poison 1 Pokemon
Ground 1 Pokemon (0 final evolution Pokemon)
Flying 1 Pokemon
Psychic 4 Pokemon
Bug 2 Pokemon (1 final evolution Pokemon)
Rock 1 Pokemon
Ghost 1 Pokemon
Dragon 2 Pokemon
Dark 2 Pokemon
Steel 1 Pokemon

By monotype I'm pretty sure he means that his team members need to only share one type.