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Specifically, does a Choice Band/Scarf/Specs alter the stat that gets the boost?

A CB set getting Attack boost whereas a LO set with the same spread would have received say, a Speed boost?

Apologies if asked before. One question I saw wasn't as clear as it could be, so I'd appreciate a detailed answer.

Thanks in advance!


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No, the choice items don't affect beast boost.

Pheromosa gets beast boost in speed with choice band
Same Pheromosa gets beast boost in speed without choice band
(Speed is the highest stat on each set, but with the first one attack is if you count the choice band)

It's probably just based off of whatever stat is the highest on the stats screen in the team builder on showdown.

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No but here's the thing though: The boosted stat is highlighted in green, and I think I once saw the green boosted CB Attack getting the boost, as opposed to Speed which is higher w/o said item. Maybe I made a mistake then. Thanks a ton! :D