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My sister caught one Nihilego. She then accidentally knocked out the other, then the mission was considered complete and she was able to proceed in the ultra beast story, but I thought you were supposed to catch both of them? And when she went back to try and catch the other one to use competitively, it didn't appear in either location, and the ultra beast music didn't play in either area.

Is this Nihilego gone forever?

There's only 1 Nihilego
I could've sworn there were two of them...

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You need to only CATCH one nihilego to complete the mission. If you knock it out, keep searching, because it won't change anything. The nihilego will keep appearing as long as you have not caught one. I suggest saving before it so you can soft-reset for a good nature.

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But the music that plays when there's an ultra beast in the area doesn't play in either area anymore, which implies that it's gone.
If you have proceeded past the part of the UB missions where you get Nihilego, you can no longer get the 2nd one.
Once you catch one, they all disapear.
Oh I thought you could catch two. Nevermind.
i fainted it like three times, and then i powered off and started again since I did not know another would appear.
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I did the same thing, I knocked out the Nihilego in Wela Volcano Park and had to go to Diglett's Tunnel to find it. You only need one Nihilego, not two.