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Hello Everyone! I Needed To Know If Charizardite X Or Charizardite Y Is Better. I Needed To Know Because I Only Want To Get One Mega Evolution For Charizard. Thanks Everyone!

What kind of nature and Moveset do you have on your Charizard?
There is no "better". They are different.

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While I think just about everyone can agree Charizard X looks much cooler, I personally think Charizard Y is better in battle. For example, it gains one of the most sought after abilities, Drought. This can power up fire type moves. Like, Flamethrower. 90 base power, plus STAB, plus sun boost, plus 100 percent accuracy... good luck people. I know that Charizard will lose half of it's health to stealth rocks... hmm if only there was a move that restored Charizard's health....... oh yeah! Roost. Also about that Rock weakness, two words; Solar beam. Solar Beam is charged up in the sun and can cover your rock weakness. AND your water weakness. Now you have a free move slot. Though I personally like to use Air Slash, just so you have a damaging flying type move. I think this would probably be the best set. (Although that's just my opinion.)

Charizard (F) @Charizardite Y
Nature: Modest
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd/4 Sp.Def

  • Flamethrower
  • Solar Beam
  • Air Slash
  • Roost
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Thank You So Much!
You're welcome! :)
Would you by any chance consider changing Air Slash to Fly?
It depends. If you're using this mega Charizard  in Competitive play,  Fly is not a good move. For example, it gives your opponent time to set up a Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, etc. Also, it's Modest nature lowers is physical attack stat........

But if you're just using his for in-game, then of course! Actually, if you're using this for in-game, I wouldn't bother with the EVs. Almost anything works in-game. :)
Thank You So Much! You've Really Been A Big Help!
You're welcome! ;D
for me is depending to your team charizard x is mixed attacker while charizard y is special attacker
Flying HA at the cost of a little power over Air Slash gives you 100% accuracy if that is your preferred path
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I realize that this is an old question, and I realize that the person who asked it may never see this answer. However, I don't like any of the current answers, so I'm answering anyway.
One of the reasons why X is better is because tough claws powers up multiple types of attacks (unlike drought, which only powers up fire) and lasts more than 5 turns.
The set suggested by the current best answer has no coverage on electric fire and electric dragon Pokemon. Mega Charizard X gets STAB from flare blitz and dragon claw and can effectively use earthquake, so it gets neutral coverage on all type combinations.
Many walls have no physical defense investment and scare physical attackers by knowing will-o-wisp or scald. Mega Charizard X, being immune to burns, can easily use these walls to set up and then tear through them. Their high special defense makes them able to wall mega Charizard Y.
Lastly, mega Charizard X can abuse dragon dance. Mega Charizard Y can easily be revenge-killed by something holding a choice scarf, but mega Charizard X can make itself as fast as it wants. If it has trouble getting past a wall, it can just use dragon dance a few more times, and then the wall gets OHKO'd. The best part is that dragon dance takes up only one move slot.
These statistics and these other statistics seem to agree with me.
I couldn't come up with a good set by myself, so I'll just suggest the standard.
Charizard @ charizardite x
Ability: blaze
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- dragon dance
- flare blitz
- dragon claw
- roost or earthquake

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Well, Mega Charizard Y has the same typing as regular Charizard, but it gains the Drought ability, which boosts the power of its Fire-type attacks. On the other hand, Mega Charizard X is a Fire/Dragon-type and gains the ability of Tough Claws, so it can power up its Dragon Claw. I personally choose X over Y.

Charizardite Y. the other is just for the aesthetics, while the Y version is much better in both stats and design. Yes, X looks great, but personally I'd use Y. It still has regular Charizard's weaknesses, but it's much stronger in Sp. Attack, which is Charizard's specialty (it's not a physical attacker) and the X version is, well in my opinion, made to look like, well, a failed knockoff of Reshiram.
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I mean sorry if this is a very late answer. I used to enjoy Y over X because of the raw stat with (I don't remember exactly) but I think 160-170 special attack. This with drought allows for massive wallbreaking potential. The only problem I see is that with offensive threats such as scarfed landorus-t (rock slide) or a tapu koko with T bolt or wild charge, charizard y gets outsped and easily killed as its speed is only 100. X on the other hand has more boosts as Y only usually runs fire blast or flamethrower and gets the drought boost, X gets tough claw boost on both flare blitz and dragon claw which are usually the most popular moves on it. Also the dragon fire typing neutralizes a lot of weaknesses. Yes it brings back the ground type weakness but at the same time you get immense sweeping and wallbreaking potential. And for Y I recommend timid over modest so you cannot get the most out of the special attack. This is where dragon dance comes in for char x. If you get one you can sweep majority of the metagame. With two d dances you can potentially break through immense walls such as toxapex.

In the end it is up to you but I recommend X over Y.
The movesets I would use for Y is: Flamethrower (for higher accuracy), Air Slash (For coverage, extra STAB and potential flinch hax), Roost (For recovery as Y has fatally low recovery options and needs the extra health or it won't leave for more than a one on one trade), and Solar Beam for insane damage and coverage.

For X (Since I use him on my current team) I use: Dragon Dance (For a lot of setup options and also to easily threaten a switch out), Dragon Claw (Outrage leaves you vulnerable after 2-3 turns which is why it is a bad choice and dragon claw already has a base power of over 100 thanks to tough claws), Flare Blitz (STAB, Insane damage boost and brings base power to over 150 thanks to tough claws), And earthquake (Doesn't get tough claws boost, but allows for insane overall coverage and damage.

Sorry for insanely long answer. This is all of the experience I received on Charizard Y and X every since I started learning about the competitive scene.