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I am attempting to get someone on the Dragonite evolution chain with their hidden ability through S.O.S. encounters. I've been doing everything right so far, with Dratini and Dragonair both cropping up.

However, when a Dragonite appears it refuses to call for help, and the cycle stops. This has been going on for about 20 turns so I'm wondering if Dragonite doesn't have the potential to call other allies.

(This is in Poni Gauntlet, and I am playing Sun)


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You are correct; Dragonite simply can't call other allies. Many Pokemon, mostly fully evolved ones, just don't call for allies; the full list is here. Anyway, if you find a Dragonite, just knock it out and stick to Dratinis and Dragonairs.

Hope I could help!

How disappointing :(  Thanks for your help!
No problem! And if a HA Dragonite is what you're after, well, Dratini and Dragonair can be caught at absurdly high levels there, so if you're lucky, you could get a level 40 or 50 something HA Dragonair or Dratini, so you don't have to level it up much.