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I know, it's a silly question, but I recently got a female Fennekin and I'm wondering if it would look weird to have her evolve into a Delphox. Otherwise I'll just keep her as Fennekin or Braixen. The basic reason why I'm asking this is what I said before (of course) and, well, Delphox looks like it's wearing a dress but at the same time looks like a male.

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Delphox is a starter- and is therefore male or female. While it's fur looks like a dress, it's actually a robe, but Delphox is based on a witch nonetheless, possibly pointing towards it being intended to be feminine.

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Thank you! I will probably evolve Fennekin into Delphox especially because I named my Fennekin after a fox in my favorite book: Foxcraft, where foxes can do magic (like becoming invisible or changing into another animal). The witch theme of Delphox would be perfect with her name because witches preform magic - you get the idea.