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I've heard things about Pokemon stuff that says -shipping at the end. What does it mean???


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Shipping are fan theories where fans put two characters into romantic relationships - whether or not there is any indication that the characters were attracted to each other in the actual show.
The classic example in Pokemon is "PokeShipping" which is the pairing of Ash and Misty. More recently, "AmourShipping" has become much more popular (Ash + Serena) given the kiss Serena gave Ash. There are a lot of these Shipping theories, though, and some of them are extremely strange, sometimes even involving Pokemon as well as people.

Here is a list of many examples of Pokemon Shipping, if you are interested in specific ones.

Source: Bulbapedia

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Shipping is the fan-driven practice of imagining two characters in a relationship, whether romantic or friendly. These relationships are called 'ships' and are often referred to as a portmanteau of the involved characters' names or with both characters names split by an x (e.g. 'Ash x Misty'). Shipping occurs for real life characters and fictional characters, including ones in the Pokemon anime. The most common ships in the Pokemon anime community are Ash x every female supporting character the series has ever conceived, although shippers can get creative by shipping straight same-sex characters and even polyamorous ships. Fans can also get obsessed or emotionally-attached to their ships too so tread carefully in the shipping world, my friend.

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