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I got it from trading in Pokemon Sun and moon. and then I notice something weird(bolded one are important)

Nature: Impish
Date Met: 1/4/2011
Where: Poke Pelago
Level Met: Apparently Lv. 54
Characteristic: Strongly defiant

why is the date 2011 if poke pelago is new to sun and moon, and sun and moon is released 2016?

his time is probably just wrong.
is that a possibility?
My XY time says "2011". In reality the XY save file year was 2016.

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The most likely explanation is that the time on the person's 3DS is incorrect. Either something went wrong and they didn't notice, or they changed it to 2011 on purpose and forgot/did not intend to change it back.

More on how to change the 3DS time.

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It most likely occurred through abuse of the Pelago exploit.
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Did you transfer it if no maybe its just a ingame bug

no because its from poke pelago and i get it from trading