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Hey heys!

I recently got my hands on a lovely female Adamant Scyther with 4 perfect IVs, being HP, Attack, Sp.Def and Def from Wonder Trade!

I really like Scizor, so I evolved it by trading with a friend and now I'm kinda wondering how to build it!

I don't really care much about competitiveness, but if I'm going to do something, I generally try to do it well, out of respect for whatever it is I'm doing.

In this case, it's raising a Pokemon!

I've done a bunch of research on the web but I'm not exactly sure what to do still!

I kinda want to use scizorite, but I already have absol with absolite and charizard with charazite Y in my team! I recently learned you can only mega-evolve one per match so that's a bit depressing but..

As for the stats, I'm thinking of doing 252 Attack for sure, but then I'm torn between 252 Speed and 6 HP for one option, or going halvsies between HP and Defense for the remaining 258 points instead!

I'm playing Pokemon Y so the trainers don't teach bug bite, which I hear is super neat, but oh well, I can live without it.

Instead, I've kinda decided on doing:

  • Bullet Punch
  • Aerial Ace
  • U-Turn
  • Sword Dance

With those moves, I'm not exactly sure what build I should be going for! Should I be doing the attack and speed build or....

So, if anybody has some insight I'd appreciate the input. xD;

Also, right now my team is a bit weird since I have no clue what I'm doing! Shiny Umbreon is my fave Pokemon though, so once those 1000 Eevees I've been hatching finally give me one, I'll be raising Umbreon to be a "wall" as described by people.

Umbreon will have:

Sassy Nature with Synchronize and Leftovers
252 S.Def/252 HP/ 4 Def (( Probably? Dx))

  • Toxic
  • Curse
  • Wish
  • Baton Pass

So yeah, I dunno if those two Pokemon can work together somehow, what do you all think? :O

Is this for Doubles or Singles?
Before editing I accidentally and pretty much plagerized what DA said. MY BAD xD!

Except with a defence orientated Sciz. Try Batton Passing a few Curses onto Scizor before sweeping the enemy team with Bullet Punch, Also remove U-Turn as it eliminates any Stat changes on Sciz... which it looks dependent on using.

Good Luck with your future battles as well :)
That's ok, I might as well answer it anyways...is this considered necroposting if I answer now?
This will be for singles most likely. XD

I think I'm going to use a defense stat instead of speed as recommended by a few people, but I still want U-turn even if it gets rid of stat changes on scizor.  I'll only be using it if I need to switch out since scizor is a slow sweeper, I don't want to just switching out, I'd rather do last minute damage, get hit, switch out safely and then later on set up curse again with umbreon and baton pass a wish to heal scizor when going back to him! That's how I imagine it happening at least. As long as I can survive a 1HKO.  Dx

Thanks for all the help though!

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[email protected] Orb
EVs: 252 Atk 252 Def 4 HP
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
-Aerial Ace
-Bullet Punch
-Fury Cutter/U-turn
-Roost/Swords Dance

So if this is a sweeper, go for Swords Dance defs. Also, Defense EVs are better than the speed ones because Scizor's speed isnt the greatest, his defense is much better so he will withstand more physical hits. Also, Roost is a very reliable recovery move for Life Orb. And with your Umbreon (which I assume will be Baton Passing to Scizor) works very well in this case, this way you dont need Roost and EVs arent wasted. Also, you may not want Swords Dance because of the Umbreon BP.

Your umbreon is a standard wall and utility set. Wish to heal, Toxic to stall out, and two BP moves. You may want to switch one of your moves, though, for Heal Bell, maybe delete Toxic, because any burn on that Scizor, or really any other Pokemon, will ruin your strategy. This way your entire team will be free of status conditions. Your EVs are fine, as with your ability, is fine as well. It works very well with Scizor, as Umbreon is very good in SpD, while Scizor has a great Defense.

Thanks for all the input! That was pretty helpful!  My umbreon is already pretty weak against  enrage builds that force umbreon to attack without any attack moves. I guess I don't need toxic if I have synchronize. I do think heal bell might be a good idea since I want people to use status effects so I can synchronize them and then heal bell them away. Poor umbreon will be full support but oh well. XD

I might decide to use life orb instead of scizorite. You're saying that sword dance isn't needed thanks to curse and baton pass and that wish passing as well as roost work better with life orb? If so then I could get rid of sword dance for roost, yes. ;o
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First of all, don't put any speed EVs on Scizor. She is slow and gets access to bullet punch, vaccum wave, and quick attack (Not that you'd want to use all of those). She would work much better as a bulky sweeper. For Mega Scizor, the set I use is:
48 HP/ 252 Atk/80 Def/156 SpD
Bullet Punch
Knock Off

How it works with Umbreon is how you make it, but I would suggest not having Scizor on the same team as Charizard Y because his abillity (Drought) powers up Fire type moves, wich Scizor is 4x weak to.

Thanks! I forgot about drought which might cause problems. I'll probably play around a bit more with my team but, too bad I can't use my charizard y. XD