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Is Corsola a viable Pokémon?
I was looking at Mareanie and saw Corsola in its PokéDex entry, so I looked at its stats and it doesn't seem too bad. So I was wondering if it was worth using?

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Corsola are one of those Pokemon you don't see very often and don't really wanna use seeing as other Pokemon can do a much better job. Corsola has higher defensive stats so you can use it as a tankish Pokemon but your better off using Toxapex or Milotic. Toxapex is much more tanky. Corsola does have a bit higher hp but toxapex makes up for that with its defensive stats. You may find a way to use the Pokemon and make good out of it but there are other Pokemon you may want to consider using before training corsola. Hope this helped. :)

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Thanks :)that was very help full
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I wouldn't say Corsola is worth training. It may have high defence stats but not it's not very fast. Try to get a Pokemon with high defence and high speed too! But if you want a Water-Type just use Corsola