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I was surfing Bulbapedia for obscure Pokemon trivia (like how I spend most of my life) when I found something weird. This page said Smeargle had two index numbers, 235 and 684. Recall that there were only 649 Pokemon in Generation 5. The menu sprite next the second Smeargle was a Manaphy egg, but it links to Smeargle's article. Some articles hint that Smeargle is a Pokestar Studios opponent, but none of them explain why they had to make a separate index number for it.

I can't source this, it's just a guess, but the best explanation I can think of for having a separate index number is that it would be a modified Smeargle sprite. Or perhaps Smeargle was just a placeholder name — it obviously didn't make it into the final version of PokéStar studios, so it's possible that it never received an official name.
Don't take my word for it but I'm sure it's because in the Love and Battle Series featured in Pokestar Studios, you face several trainers all of whom have a Smeargale. These Smeargale's however have a different sprite to that of a normal Smeargale, as they have a red bow tie around their neck.
So, a modified Smeargle sprite is probably the reason for a different index number.
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As I mentioned the other day I'm 99% positive it's because Smeargale has an alternate sprite in the Love and Battle Series featured in Pokestar Studios, which can be seen below:

Smeargale Red Bow Tie Sprite Smeargale Red Bow Tie Capture

As you can see Smeargale has a red bow tie around it's neck and it is one of only two Pokemon I'm aware of that has another sprite in Pokestar Studios, the other being Ledian.

However the reason why Ledian isn't apart of this list is because the Ledian in question is actually a trainer and you do not battle it specifically. Here is the alternate sprite for the Ledian which can be encountered in the Timegate Traveler Series:

Ledian Spear Sprite Ledian Spear Capture

As for the rest of the Pokemon:


Brycen-Man/PROP H1



Transport/PROP T1

Monica/PROP 01&O2

Humanoid/PROP C1

Monster/PROP C2

F-00/PROP R1&R2

Majin/PROP G1

White Door/PROP W1

Black Door/PROP W2

Blackbelt/PROP K1


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