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To add to my theme of gym leader questions, this one is Skyla! I get by her Swoobat and Swanna easily, but Skarmory takes me down every single time!


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Try using an Electric-type Pokémon, like Eelektross, of even an Emolga. Electric-type Pokémon resist Flying-type attacks. Rock also resists Flying, but, since this is Skarmory We are talking about, DO NOT use a Rock-type Pokémon. Steel resists Flying as well. A perfect example of one that can also take down that Skarmory is Klang/Klinklang.

Note that these Pokémon I mentioned can learn Electric-type attacks, so it'll be easier to destroy Skarmory.

Good Luck, fellow Trainer.

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For Klinklang or Klang, it can learn Electric-type attacks.
Good answer! But can't we beat Skarmory by fire type attacks?