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Just wondering how long it takes for every level to obtain level two or max. For prize money o-power, I'm wondering how many times it takes to get max level and for hatching o-power I'm wondering the same thing. The others I don't really care about much, but you're welcome to put it down if it seems helpful. Also, this is in reference of ORAS and XY.


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O-Powers can be upgraded by frequent usage. After 15 uses of a Level 1 O-Power, it will be upgraded to Level 2, and after 30 uses of a Level 2 O-Power, it will be upgraded to Level 3. Each level after the previous one will provide a more significant effect but cost more energy to activate. There are also more powerful O-Powers classed S and MAX, but these are not available to the player directly. S O-Powers may be given out during special distribution periods at a Pokémon Center store. Some MAX O-Powers can be received from Secret Pals in Super-Secret Bases.


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