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I feel as if the countdown clock still runs while hatching eggs. It might just be me though.
If this is a confusing question, I basically mean the time when the egg is hatching and you get the screen where the egg is there...hatching. At that time, does the hatching o-power timer still run throughout the egg hatching process?


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Yes, you have 3 minutes until the Hatching O-Power times out. During that time, you can hatch your eggs.


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Your source doesn't say that the timer does run down when the egg is hatching.
I think the asker wants to know whether or not the timer for the three minutes is paused during an egg hatch scene, not whether or not you can hatch eggs.
Oh, ok. Then, in that case, the timer does not stop ticking.
Do you have any proof?
I used it on my Pokémon X and saw that the times did not stop until it stopped at 0:00.