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so I know that if you talk to the sleepy guy at the battle tree and you wake him up you can then see your Pokemons' IVs. apparently you have to hatch lots of eggs first. I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is how many do I need to hatch?


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Yes, you need to hatch 20 eggs. Then, you go to the Battle Tree and talk to the Judge. He will give you access to the IV checking system located in your PC boxes afterwards.

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Thanks so much! I BAed you as well
Cool. Thanks. Much appreciated.
only a few more eggs to go! I'm just gonna breed decideye loads then dump all the eggs in the pegalo hot springs
I did it!!!! and wow, my zygarde has amazing IVs.
necrozma doesn't
anyone got a bottlecap??
Ask the people in the chat for that.
That's not what I meant. I wasn't actually asking for one, I was just saying it jokingly. srsly tho, this thing needs some attack IVs asap.
Level your Pokémon to 100 and take it to the guy in the Melemele shopping mall. It will change its IVs. You can fish for bottlecaps.
I know how to hyper train. I just really need a golden bottlecap.