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I need a good place to run around in order to hatch eggs. I can't find a repeating path I can just run around in.

i usually go to the altar of the sun/moon, get on tauros, and run up and down the stairs.

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The best place to do it is at the Battle Avenue, around that small fountain in front of the Masalada (I never knew how to spell it) shop, on a Tauros. It is a repeating, circular path that is small, and no one will disturb you while you are egg-hatching. Also, if you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor, the egg will hatch faster. You can also leave the egg at the hot spring part of Poke Pelago.

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Well I think this is a good way.
A Pokemon with Flame Body, not necessary but it helps quite alot.
Ride on Tauros, and hold the B button to go reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy fast.]
And head to Route 4.
I hope this helps, if not, I'm sorry.