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I got an adamant salamence with both attack and speed maxed, and I breeded dragon rush to it, but it never hits

so its better hone claws than dragon dance in this case?


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No salamence needs the speed and you can just use the less powerful dragon claw like I do

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However, a Salamence's maxed speed is 328! I realize that a Weavile will beat it to the punch, but he wants to put Dragon Rush onto his Salamence (not Dragon Claw!) and it's not every day that we fight Weaviles!
It is an OU pokemon and a great sweeper
Very True, but it depends on whether you are speaking of On-line play of Off-line play. In the just the game, especially in Black and White, you never see Weaviles. However they are slightly more common in the On-line competition, but I presume that Calafox would have Bug, Fire, Fighting, Rock, or a Steel type Pokemon to counter a Weavile!
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Hone Claws is better in this case because it raises Attack and Accuracy, while Dragon Dance raises Attack and Speed!

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Without dragon dance boost weavile kills it