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This is for OU.

Altaria-Mega (F) @ Altarianite
Ability: Pixilate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Hone Claws
- Dragon Rush
- Return
- Iron Tail

So Hone Claws is the basis for this set. Come in late game, set up, and then proceed to sweep. Dragon Rush has nice power, and with Hone Claws, the accuracy doesn't really matter. Return is for Fairy STAB, and what I would use for immediate damage. Iron Tail is for hitting opposing Fairy-types that come in, and also Ice or Rock types wanting to hit me before I Mega Evolve. Again, the accuracy doesn't matter with Hone Claws.

Is this set viable? If not, what do I do?

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If you wanted it more Viable, give it Dragon Dance; However, Mega Charizard X, Mega Gyrados, and Zygarde outclass it as a Dragon Dance user in OU.

If you want a Hone Claw user in OU, I think Garchomp works best (although, there are a few other options). The accuracy boost is for Fire Blast, which is for Steel-Flying Types, Ferrothorn, and a few other things that it lures and hits hard. Although, only use this if you think it will be more beneficial to your team than than Z-Garchomp, Rock Setter Garchomp, or Coil Zygarde. :P
garchomp is a physical attacker, so fire blast is not recommended. Fire fang might be the better option. Also, Unless you want to seriously keep your speed, mega garchomp is better.
@EdDaBoss, i would prefer hyper voice over return, unless your M-altaria has 225 or greater freindship.
Mega Garchomp also prevents teammates from mega evolving. Dragonium Z Garchomp is better. And why would it not have max friendship if he/she/it knows it's using return?
@Momo, Fire Blast is a okay lure and is very often Garchomp's only way to break through Skarmory, Celesteela, and takes Ferrothorn down Faster without using a Z-Move. Mega Garchomp is slow and has a terrible ability; There are better Megas and Garchomp performs better with most competitive Items other than its Mega Stone paired with its Rough Skin Ability. :P

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No, Hone Claws is not as good as Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush requires Speed and Accuracy to abuse it's flinch chance, and Mega Altaria can only utilize one of those without double dancing, which Mega Altaria is certainly not in a position to do. Not only this, but its more accurate moves are better complemented with Dragon Dance than it's non accurate with Hone Claws. It works better with Earthquake/other coverage moves and Dragon Claw rather than Iron Tail and Dragon Rush.

If you want to use Mega Altaria in OU, You have to at least use Dragon Dance for it to be physically offensive, or run a special set with Roost and Heal Bell for a Cleric. Both of which roles are outclassed, but I can't stop you from using it, so that is how you can use it to a better consistency. :P

Source: Experience

Hope I helped!

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This set could be viable, but an even better set would be one based around Dragon Dance like Stakatacool suggested.

Mega Altaria
Ability: Pixilate
EVs: 252 Sp Attack 4 At
Move set:
Dragon Dance (Duh.)
Hyper Voice (Nice, strong STAB.)
Dragon Pulse (Strong STAB.)
Earthquake (Powerful, and you may as well have a physical attack cause of the investment and Dragon Dance.)

Why are you using dragon dance and 2 special attacks? How is this not outclassed by Zygarde?
And also, I have a bet on with goldenninja4554 that I can't make a viable team of 3 OU Pokemon with Altaria-Mega, Volcarona, and Lucario. He was like "Oh they've got no synergy" so I said "lemme prove you wrong."
In my opinion,if you have dragon dance, you should not use 2 other special attacks.
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