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It goes from quiet to loud. An answer other than "Game Freak logic" would be nice.


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Think of whismur as a baby Pokemon. It's still young and frightened of the world. Once it grows older, it starts getting louder as a Loudred. Then as an Adult it's VERY loud as an Exploud. It's like with us humans; we start as very innocent and shy, and when we get older we get more rebelious, independent, and of course, louder.

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Whismur evolves into Loudred at level 20, and into exploud at level 40.

He is asking for the logic of the designs, not the evolution method.
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Basically Whismer which is based on stuffed animal while its ears is based on ear muffs.
While Laudred is based on boom box
& Exploud is based on pipe organ.

So its evolution is from stuffed animal with ear muffs to boom box to pipe organ.

Source : https://youtu.be/0H2ERdgOJkM?t=4m55s