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okay, so the E 4 in alola is meant to be made up of the four island kahunas. I know that Nanu refuses to be on the E4 and is replaced by the ghost captain (can't remember her name). but why is Hapu replaced by the stupid golfer? (no offense) I don't remember anyone ever explaining why hapu isn't there

Hapu is a very, very new Kahuna. You probably need a decent amount of experience to be considered for the E4 (iirc the golfer used to be a Trial Captain).
I thought she said she was an Island Challenge Champion, not a Trial Captain.
she's good enough to have a grand trial. and tapu fini wouldn't have chosen her as kahuna if she didn't have experience.

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I think the best explanation is that when Kukui was establishing the Pokémon League, he didn't know that Hapu had become the new kahuna. Consider this: after you clear Sophocles' trial, Kukui tells you he's going to Mount Lanakila to finish the Pokémon League, and you don't see him again until you get there yourself to challenge it. Perhaps he selected Kahili to be the last Elite Four member before Hapu was chosen as the new kahuna, thus, he wouldn't have had a reason to choose Hapu at the time. If Kahili was chosen after Hapu became kahuna, he most likely didn't hear about it because he was busy trying to finish the League.

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