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Is there more than 2 counters for this?

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64 views Apparently there is 2 counters for the BalancedHackmon-M-Gengar. But I was wondering if there is more.

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The two Gengars in the replay both seem to rely on spore and shell smash, and their main attack is either judgement or moongeist beam. You'd need either safety goggles, poison heal, or magic bounce to safely switch into spore, (because other methods are too niche) and either unaware or normal type to safely switch into shell smash-boosted ghost attacks. These Pokemon can be made to fit the following criteria (and still be viable).

Safety Goggles Unaware (note that unaware doesn't work on moongeist beam)
Complete Zygarde
Mega Audino
Mega Gyarados
Mega Tyrannitar

Normal Safety Goggles
Mega Audino

Normal Poison Heal

Normal Magic Bounce

Conclusion: There are more than two counters.
There were a lot of sources, but if you want me to cite a part of the answer, I'll give links.

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There is a certain set that is common on BH. That was not the set. The actual thing i'm wondering about is Entrainment.
 (Normalize ability)
Entrainment can be stopped by magic bounce.
Okay I will BA it.