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If you were to hack the balls that you get from Kurt in HG/SS into X/Y/oR/aS as useable items, would they work as they do in HG/SS or would you break the game, or even something completely different?

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I wonder what will happen to the GS ball. (That joke wasn't funny, crap.)
I know that they are programmed to work in the Gen V games, so that the games wouldn't crash if those balls were hacked in. I'm going to guess probably...?  This is not a sound answer; don't quote me on this.
It was a joke, please don't take it seriously.
Oh, I wasn't talking about your comment. I was talking about the other apricorn balls
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No, but they are programmed in the Gen 7 games, Sun/Moon.
Well, technically speaking their models are programmed into Gen 6, because you can transfer Pokémon caught in those balls, but idk if you can actually hack them in as items. My guess, though, would be yes. Game Freak programs unnecessary things into the games a lot to prevent them from going nuts in case they are hacked in (for example, Shiny sprites for Shiny-locked Pokémon).

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First off, the models for Apricorn Balls are absolutely in the coding of the Gen VI games, because you can transfer Pokémon caught in those balls and they still retain their appearance. You can even breed them onto Gen VI Pokémon. But, I think you're asking if they can be hacked as actual items in the game.

The only thing I could find on the net pertaining to this question is this account of someone purchasing a hacked copy of XY, which contained Apricorn Balls. So, to answer your question, apparently the balls are programmed into the Gen VI games as actual items, but I only have one source to back that up.

If you're asking if you can hack Pokémon already in Apricorn Balls through genning devices, then yes, you can. There was a scuffle in a VGC Premier Challenge a few years ago, I believe, where someone was banned for being caught with hacked Pokémon because he/she had one that could not be legally obtained in an Apricorn Ball.

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yes, and thank you, I've modified my question slightly to better reflect this, too