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I have a zorua egg that has pokerus but it isn't hatching. Will it?

My egg didnt have pokerus but it took forever to hatch

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Yes it will hatch. The reason why its taking to long is that it takes 6630 steps to hatch one Zorua Egg. Good luck with that. Hope this helps...

I've bicycled up and down Skyarrow Bridge about 7 times now, isn't that enough?
Not even, you have to do way more than that.
Try going back and forth on Miracle Bridge multiple times on your bike if possible.
If you want it to hatch more faster take a pokemon with flame body or magma armor. These abilities half the number of steps you have to do.
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It will hatch but zorua's just take ages to hatch

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Yes, it will hatch. IN one or two years.(LOL:))
Go into the batle subway, go into the center, put tape on the DOWN and the B button. Plug your ds(i) into the charger and leave it there for some time.