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didn't know whether to post this in meta or pokebase but I figured since past and probably future Global Missions will center around you doing stuff in-game such as if you had to capture Pokemon or defeat it that it makes since to be here instead of meta but anyways lets use math here to help you better understand this question..

Festival Plaza Global Mission:
Fish Pokémon at rare spots!

Global Mission PGL member bonuses:
If player hooks 3 Pokémon/items: 5 Rare Candies
Above + doubled goal: Lure Ball

now from "Global Mission PGL member bonuses" it says you could get 5 RC (Rare Candies) from hooking 3 Pokemon or items but what if (and using math now) you (um say):

Hook 3: 5 RC (Then Add 3 More Hooks)
Hook 3: 5 RC (And Another 3 Hooks)
Hook 3: 5
ok lets keep it simple yet different:

Hook 3= 5 RC
Hook 6 = 10 RC
Hook 9 = 15 RC
Now Let Us Make Some Changes (Not Much) & Look At It a Bit Differently:

Hook 3 = 5 RC
Hook 6 = 10 RC
Hook 3+6= 15 RC <-> (this one's a trick, use a calculator if you need to)

(Edit:) now in theory if I hook 600 Pokemon/items after i've done (and if) the Global Mission(s) Goal was met I should receive (at least 999, if not) 1000 Rare Candies..

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Short Answer: Possibly Not

Long Answer: After The Above Mission Has Ended, I Talked To The Receptionist To Receive The Reward But All I Received Was 4000 Festival Coins & 0 Rare Candies So Really I Can't Answer This Question With a Prompt Answer (Such As Yes Or No) All I Can Say About This Is: It's Most Likely Not Possible..