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Just wondering

What format?
alolan exegutor gets harvest
Trevenant also gets harvest too.

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Hmm, this is a very open-ended question as there are a lot of great Pokemon for this role: Snorlax, Lapras, Meganium, Miltank; just to name a few. Well I believe that to be a good chesto-resto the Pokemon should have above average to high defences and should be pretty decent offensively. Having good speed is an added advantage such as in the case of Miltank. The Pokemon should be mainly bulky I guess for this role or a good wall (such as Umbreon) but in my personal opinion, Snorlax has always been the mon for me when it comes to rest and chesto combo. Very bulky and after waking up, demolishes the opponent with its awesome attack.
Hope I helped! :)))

There are not a lot of great Pokemon for this role.
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Because the original poster didn't specify the format, I have to answer for every format. Note that I think a Pokemon used less than 2.1% is not good and was probably only used by trolls, so if a format has no resto chesto Pokemon used more than 2.1%, I'll just write "none".

Anything Goes Singles: none
BSS: none
OU: none
UU: none
RU: none
NU: none
Ubers: none
BSD: none
VGC2017: none
DOU: none
DUU: none
Doubles Ubers: none

Conclusion: Resto chesto strategies are pretty bad. You're much better off sticking to 1/2 healing moves like softboiled and roost. If you really want to use rest, then it should be used along with sleep talk and not chesto berry.
There were so many sources that I was too lazy to list them all. If you want to know where I got information on a particular format, I can link you to it.

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