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Sorry could only hold 120 characters, but here's my real question. I want a Gligar with the ability poison heal, but it's only available in the "Dream World". How do I get to the "Dream World"? What do I do there? And what is the "Dream World"? Thank you for all your help. (:


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I can only Answer what is Dream world. Dream world is an alternative realm in which pokemon are given a "special" ability that they can only have there, for example a normal turtwig Has the special ability overgrow but if you catch it in dream world, it can have shell armor. Also in dream world you can defy gravity :).

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Go to www.pokemon-gl.com

register for an account

use "game sync" on your C-gear on your game to "tuck in" a pokemon.

log onto the website, and there should be a box that says "dream world."

the rest is straightforward; have fun!

Thank you for ur help, I figured it out.