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If I breed two alolan marowaks with shadow bone will the offspring also have shadow bone?


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Given that you mentioned Alolan Form, I'll assume you're playing Sun/Moon or the Ultra Versions.

All moves are passed down in a specific order, with certain move types having more importance.

The game will always pass egg moves first (if available).

If the baby Cubone doesn't have a full move set yet, the game will check tm's the parents know, that the offspring can learn. Since breeding any Marowak will always yield a Ground type Cubone, Earthquake is a good example of a TM that can be passed down.

If the baby Cubone still doesn't have a full move set, the game will check any LEVEL UP moves known by BOTH parents, that the baby Cubone CAN learn. Cubone CAN'T learn Shadow Bone.

However, if you had chosen different Pokemon, the moves known by both parents COULD be passed down.


Breed Two Crobats (Male + Female)
Moves known by both parents:
Brave Bird
Cross Poison

Male only:
Zen Headbutt

Female Only:

Egg Moves in this example are Brave Bird,
and Zen Headbutt. The hatchable baby Zubat will inherit those moves first.

Next comes any TM's (nope, none there).

Next comes LEVEL UP moves known by BOTH parents, if the Zubat can learn it.
(Cross Poison can't be learned by Zubat, skip it)
Astonish can be learned by Zubat, so it becomes move #3 (Brave Bird, Zen Headbutt, Astonish)

Next comes any level up moves known by BOTH parents. No moves found, skip it.

Last comes any level up move that Zubat can have, at the level it hatches at (1). Absorb. That becomes move 4.

Brave Bird
Zen Headbutt

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Probably not, since Shadow Bone isn't an egg move.