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I have been having some trouble with this and I need some help.


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I remember achieving this with relative difficulty as well. Here is a map of Route 118, the route which you would currently be up to:

You must walk along the right side of the route and walk through any gaps between the ledges - I've circled them to make them clearer. Through these gaps, you'll eventually make it to the entrance to Route 119.

Hope I helped. :)

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omg thx!!!
I just wanted to ask if you go by the beach or the grass
I'm trying to get blaizikenite
I tried and it didn't work. Could u be a bit clearer if you visit the site and answer again?
I've annotated the map. Does that make it clearer?
I don't know how to get across the river
You'll need a Pokemon with Surf. Once you beat the Petalburg Gym and receive HM03, teach it to one of your Pokemon and interact with the river - you'll be able to cross it.