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So I'm making a team right now that utilitizes Sashed Blaziken as a lead to try and take out as much of the AI's Pokémons as I can, but I really wanted to use Hone Claws.
That wasy, I have Speed Boost, survive with the Sash, and then sweep with Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick, and Stone Edge, all of which are huge hits, but low acc., which is where the Hone Claws comes in.

The problem is, since you don't get the TM for that in Sun/Moon, I would have to go to ORAS, which I could do, but I'd have to find a HA Torchic or something on the GTS, then breed and level up and everything else.

I could do that, but I already have the IV trained, EV trained, HA, Lv.100 Blaziken ready to go, so I'd rather not go through all that again.

Any suggestions as to what I could use instead? Thanks in advance.

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The only moves that Blaziken can learn that increase its Attack stat are Work Up (increases Attack and Special Attack), Bulk Up (increases Attack and Defense), and Swords Dance (which sharply increases Attack).

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Ok thanks. That's what I figured. I could use Z-Focus energy for crit and acc, but I need the focus sash, so that wouldn't work. I think I'll just have to breed from ORAS for the Attack AND acc, cuz I really need that. Thanks for confirming tho
You're welcome.