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I really want a Blaziken with Rock Slide.

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What game? can you provide more info please?
Can't u just use a tm to give it rock slide?
This is just an assumption, but I think the person asking the question is playing Gen 3, as Rock Slide isn't a TM in those games.

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If you need a Rock Slide Blaziken in Gen 3, you can breed it with Camerupt (learns Rock Slide at level 33) since both those Pokemon have the Egg Group 'Field'.

Note - if you want Rock Slide blaziken for any other Gen you can still use Camerupt.

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In gen 3, Blaziken can learn rock slide from tutoring as well as breeding. Starting in gen 6, TMs moves don't pass down unless they're explicitly listed as egg moves, so you need a TM to teach rock slide to Blaziken in newer games.