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Yes, the original Wii games. I don't have a Wii U and I would really like to play this game. I've been spending over an hour finding it. I found tons of sites selling Rumble World(YES, THE FREE GAME) for 30+ euros/dollars, but NOTHING from the originals.. Why is this?

This might count as a third party question and not be allowed. I'll flag this just to get a moderator's attention and have him decide.
If I remember right it's a Wiiware exclusive, but I'm not 100% sure.
I wouldn't say this is a third-party question; the answer would probably discuss the value of the game.

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The reason you can't find any copies of it on the internet is because it is a Wiiware exclusive. The only way to get this game is to use the Wii Shop channel and then go to under the Wiiware section. The game costs 1,500 Wii points. From what I've seen the only way to get Wii points, currently, is to buy them using a credit card.

Number of wii points, Pokemon Rumble, and how to get Wii points.