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Since Flying Press is a move where a Flying type is also added, does the attack double, or stay the same, but adds the Flying typing?


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No. Flying Press does not add types. It deals Fighting- and Flying-type damage. It is typed as a Fighting-type attack, so Hawlucha does not receive double STAB.

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Here is Flying Press' "special" type chart:
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No prob, Kara_io.
Wait, so what if it hit a dual-typed Pokemon that was weak to both fighting AND flying? Like Crabominable, for example, who is Ice/Fighting. What damage modifier would be added?
These Dual-Types will be 4x weak to Flying Press: Normal/Grass, Normal/Ice(Does not exist yet), Normal/Fighting, Normal/Dark, Grass/Ice, Grass/Fighting, Grass/Dark, Ice/Fighting, Ice/Dark, and Fighting/Dark

But, Pure-Normal-, Pure-Grass-, Pure-Ice-, Pure-Fighting-, and Pure-Dark-types will just be 2x weak to this move.

Ghost-types are immune to the move due to their immunity to Fighting.

Electric-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, and Fairy-types resist the move.
Are to Rock and Steel types hit neutrally, then? They are weak to Fighting, but resistant to Flying.
You are correct. Also, you forgot that Bug is weak to Flying but resists Fighting. And the ones I haven't mentioned above take normal damage from Flying Press.