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So I'm on Pokemon x with my old 3ds. It's gone through some rough times, by that I mean I've dropped it a time or two... or ten. Anyways, I got on, and at first the entire to screen was really dark, with it being super faint. After that, I encountered a wild 'mon, and the screen was bright... but all the text was reversed!!! Now, it's fine, but I'm wondering what the heck happened. I know it's not a specifically Pokemon question, but the internet is crap with specifics, and I don't know any better place to ask, so if someone could please answer? Any help would be appreciated. :)

EDIT: It's now doing BOTH!!! I really am confuzzled now

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From the evidence you provided, MJC, all I can say is that it is probably the cartridge's fault. As is known throughout the gaming community, cartridges, as they get older, tend to become glitchier and glitchier the older they become. You might have an old cartridge of X, even if it's quite new (but you would not believe the physical abuse cartridges get these days), and the aging quality of your X game is causing it to go bonkers. Usually, the effects are temporary, but they're significant enough that you question if your game is broken or not. From my experience with broken 3DS', it's all just your cartridge, no graphics card problems, no brightness slider issues, nothing.

Hopefully, I answered your question thoroughly enough.

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Also, i noticed that if i tap the device while it's closed, it goes weird, but if i do it again, it's fine.
Hmmm...well, a console can also grow old and glitchy like a cartridge does, but from what you've provided as evidence in your question, I still say it's the cartridge's fault.
Answering to your edit, MJC, I can see that this is the most of a conundrum I have seen in my life. My new conclusion: It may be both your cartridge AND your 3DS causing the issue, as the evidence you described is not only a cartridge acting up, but a 3DS acting up, too (you would not believe the amount of 3DS' I went through that had the problems' your 3DS (not the game) is having right now). All I can say is that either get the 3DS fixed or buy a new one, as that's the only help I can give to your situation. Sorry.