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By cheating, I assume you mean an easier way to deal with the game. And YES!, there is a cheating device. It's called, a "powersave". Look it up (on google)
Basically, the powersave helps you hack and cheat your way through the game. And, it works for X and Y and ORAS. It can help you complete your pokedex, get infinite items, berries, medicines etc. Also, you get any Pokemon from it - except hoopa and volcanion (maybe diancie). It can also finish your game when you just started. It takes away the fun of using it, but some people mainly use it for infinite rare candies or master balls. It can give you anything (also turn Pokemon shiny automatically.
You can get it in some stores.

Hope I helped! :)

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You can get Hoopa, Diancie and Volcanion from powersaves... :p

I upvoted anyway though, cuz most of its true ;3