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I'm asking a question that no one has asked yet, apparently.

Some background:
I got Pokemon Yellow on Virtual Console around a month ago. I was able to complete the game with close to lvl 50 Pokemon, and I did this before doing the glitch so I could see the Hall of Fame screen before MissingNo. screws it up (a notable side effect of the glitch). After beating the game, I went right to work: talked to Viridian's old man, flew to Cinnabar, and then surfed on the far right edge of the island. Except that MissingNo, and even his younger brother M, were nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, no other Pokemon spawned either. Am I doing it wrong, or did Nintendo officially finally close off one of the most notable game glitches of yesterdecade? Or am I playing the wrong version of the game? I need answers!!


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This is actually a glitch that is only present on Red/Blue, as it was fixed on Yellow. Glitches were not fixed on VC. To find Missingno, use the Mew Glitch:


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