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Just curious : as for example Wild Charge and Thunderbolt both transforms into Gigavolt Havoc with the same power, what power will they have on an Electivire or a Jolteon ?
Does the power of a Z-move depend on the stats Attack and Special Attack of the user ?


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The category and power of a Z-move is based on those of the original move. Using the examples you stated above, both Wild Charge and Thunderbolt turned into Gigavolt Havoc would have a base power of 175 since the original moves both have a base power of 90, but Wild Charge would be physical and Thunderbolt would be special.

Source (This also includes a chart for determining a Z-move's power based on the move being powered up)

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It all depends on what the base move is. For example, if you turn Wild Charge, an Physical Electric type move, into Gigavolt Havoc using the Electrium Z, you would get a Physical move, thus using Physical Attack and Defense Stats. However, if you were to turn Thunderbolt, a Special Electric type move, into Gigavolt Havoc, it would be a Special move, thus using Special attack and Defense Stats. This happens with all attacking moves

Source: Experience and this

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