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By power, since I'm pretty sure they always hit. For example:Seismic Toss is the Best move to use for Fightinium Z, as it has 100 power" I'm sure that's incorrect, but it was just an example of what it should look like.

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Normalium Z: Boomburst / Explosion / Giga Impact / Hyper Beam / Last Resort / Self-Destruct (200 BP)

Fightinium Z: Focus Punch (200 BP)

Flyinium Z: Sky Attack (200 BP)

Poisonium Z: Belch / Gunk Shot (190 BP)

Groundium Z: Precipice Blades (190 BP)

Rockium Z: Head Smash / Rock Wrecker (200 BP)

Buginium Z: Megahorn (190 BP)

Ghostium Z: Shadow Force (190 BP)

Steelium Z: Doom Desire (200 BP)

Firium Z: V-create (220)

Waterium Z: Hydro Cannon / Water Spout (200 BP)

Grassium Z: Frenzy Plant (200 BP)

Electrium Z: Bolt Strike (195 BP)

Psychium Z: Prismatic Laser / Psycho Boost (200 BP)

Icium Z: Freeze Shock / Ice Burn (200 BP)

Dragonium Z: Roar of Time (200 BP)

Darkinium Z: Hyperspace Fury (180 BP)

Fairium Z: Light of Ruin (200 BP)

Source: Bulbapedia

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