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Pokemon abilities.


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Anticipation vs. Forewarn

  • When a Pokemon with anticipation enters a battle, the Pokemon will "shudder (slighty shake)" if the opponent has a super-effective move, one-hit KO move, or Self-Destruct/Explosion. Also, the multi-type move Hidden Power will activate anticipation if the Hidden Power type is super-effective. Moves like Judgement, Weather Ball, etc. do not activate anticipation, but you can tell by observing the opposing Pokemon and the surroundings
  • However with Forewarn, when the ability-bearer enters, it will actually show you the opponent's move with the highest power (does not need to be super-effective). If 2+ moves are the same power, one will be chosen at random. For doubles, it will take the move with the highest power between both opponents; otherwise random selection if 2+ moves have the same highest power.

Power of Alchemy vs. Receiver

  • For these two abilities, it actually has the same effect
  • When an ally Pokemon faints (regardless of the cause), the ability-bearer with one of these abilities will have it replaced with the ability of the fainted ally. It can not replace the abilities: Trace, Forecast, Flower Gift, Multitype, Illusion, Wonder Guard, Zen Mode, Imposter, Stance Change, Power Construct, Schooling, Comatose, Shields Down, Disguise, RKS System, Battle Bond - nor can it be replaced if the ally has Power of Alchemy or Receiver. Role Play, Trace, and Entrainment will also fail.

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