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Which Pokemon is better competitively?
Format: Uber
Note: affection does not exist in competitive battling. For example, an invalid answer would be "Lunala is better, yeah it may get OHKO'd but affection gives it a free Focus Sash and you can give it Life Orb!" or anything similar to that.

Shadow Shield gives you one turn to set up, and Prism Armor reduces the power of Dark and Ghost attacks to 3x instead of 4x... your call, plus Ultra Lunala becomes Ultra Necrozma (Light That Burns The Sky OHKO'd Giovanni's Mega Mewtwo X)

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The answer is not very obvious, dawn wings necrozma seems a lot stronger, but it actually isn't, regular lunala is a lot faster though its special attack may be slightly lower, but it can still dish out an insane amount of damage, its ability prevents it from ever taking too much damage, and it has a slightly better move set in my opinion. Dawn wings necrozma has a lot of potential strength, its ability makes Luna's super effective moves less effective, and it has more special defense which makes it easier to survive hits, as most ghost and dark type moves are special, its move set is unfortunately, very predictable but, the main highlight of it is that you can use it in ultra burst which makes it the 5th strongest Pokemon, surpassing Arceus. So it all comes down to rather you want to use ultra necrozma along side an amazingly powerful Z-move with an amazing ability, use a very specially bulky Pokemon with a complementary item like leftovers, or a very strong bat who can survive 2 hits and dish out a lot of damage with a complementary item like life orb, some sort of gem or plate, or even possibly expert belt.

I find Ultra Necrozma a bit annoying. When the games were announced, the first big new thing we saw was the fusions. And now the only reason anyone uses them is as a base for Ultra Necrozma. (This is just my opinion, it just seems like this is true. And the original Solgaleo and Lunala are overshadowed too.)
I find Ultra Necrozma much weaker than expected honestly..it's so easy to take down and it's not that hard to wall as well.
then again, it is the 5 best Pokemon in base stat terms, its ability may be good, but they could have done a lot better for a Pokemon that steals light, especially speed wise