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I'm talking about the Virtual Console versions and time capsule in this post, hence my mentioning of Pokémon Bank. Okay, so I need my Pokémon to be all males for breeding purposes. I know that a Pokemon's gender is picked at random when transferred from Gen 1 to Pokémon Bank. Basically, you won't know until after you've transferred it if it's a male or female. Well, in Generations 1 and 2, the gender is determined by DVs or something. If I put my Gen 1 Pokémon (after determining that they're male based on their DVs) in Pokémon Gold, and THEN transfer them to Pokemon Bank, then that should be a way to skip the random picking of gender. Because Gen 2 has genders and a male will stay a male if it gets transferred from Gen 2 as opposed to taking a chance by transferring directly from Gen 1 with the random picking of gender thing. I would be able to verify beforehand if it's a male through Pokémon Gold before I send it permanently to Pokémon Bank. Maybe I could even know BEFORE I send them to Pokémon Gold by checking their DVs in Gen 1. Please tell me if anything I theorized is wrong and if everything I said is possible. Thank you.

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I don't see why not.
Also, why can't you test this yourself?

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It would work to see which Pokemon would be which gender, but you don't need to transfer to Gold to skip any check.

As of Version 1.3 (the current one), Poke Transporter will determine all Pokemon genders based on their Attack DV no matter what game.

The random gender determination has been removed and is no longer present.

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