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I got the Shiny Charm, decided to do some shiny hunting, gave up on the Masuda Method, and headed off to Resolution Cave to catch a green Golbat.
I decided to stop at the fishing stop first, because that was where I caught my Dratini. I figured I might as well try to catch a shiny Dratini while I was there. I got Magikarp instead, so I just chained it until I got a shiny.
I was feeling good about myself, and decided to make things interesting for myself by shiny hunting everything I could. I headed to Route 2 to catch a Growlithe, but got sidetracked by a Rattata. I want a shiny. I'm doing what I did for magikarp, and I don't know what's going wrong!
Let's start with my Pokemon:
My ace is Scizor. It knows False Sswipe (Because I'm feeling merciful to those stupid Rattatas), as well as Flash Cannon, X-Scissor, and Brick Break to KO non-shinies. They're all lower than level 12, so I don't really care about damage.

I have counted all the successful calls up to the 70th.

I am far past 70 Rattatas summoned, but no shiny. What am I doing wrong? I keep switching so they don't Struggle, and I should be at peak efficiency. It's taking way longer than Magikarp.

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"A chain length of 70 to 255 gives you a 1/1024 chance of encountering a shiny (normally 1/4096). If you have obtained the Shiny Charm, the chance becomes 1/683." 1/683 is approximately 0.15%, which is still pretty dang low. Just because you got one shiny quickly but can't get another shiny more quickly doesn't mean that you're doing anything incorrectly.
You sir, are honorary best comment.

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You got lucky with the Magikarp, I guess. You're not doing anything wrong, just not the best luck. 0.15% is a pretty low chance, and players can spend a lot of time trying for a shiny.

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Fine, I guess. but Magikarp was relatively quick, but rattata took me most of yesterday, and still going.
I am so close to giving up on this stupid red rodent right now.