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I'm finally at the Elite 4 in my Heartgold Nuzlocke and Karen's Gengar worries me. Destiny Bond can utterly wreck me if I'm not careful, so I don't know what to do! Please help.
My Current Team
Feraligatr Choice Scarf
Espeon Choice Specs
Machamp (Currently Machoke, still grinding)
Dragonite (Currently Dratini, still Grinding)

You don't get Machamp by grinding, you get it by trading. If you already know that, sorry for annoying you.

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Just try to take it out quickly with your sweepers. And I'm not sure about it, but switching out overwrites Destiny Bond, I guess, because there was no pokémon who could kill me with Destiny Bond during the games that I played (Emerald and Platinum on emulator, and Y on 3DS). :)

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You can easily get past Gengar using either your Feraligatr or your Crobat. Pick one of them, and make sure it's faster than Karen's Gengar, isn't holding a choice scarf, knows screech, and knows a strong dark type attack (crunch for Feraligatr and bite for Crobat). When fighting Karen's Gengar, use screech until it uses a move other than destiny bond, and then use your dark type attack. This works because destiny bond only lasts until the user uses a different move.