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I had a really beast one before I restarted the game but should I train one up now?


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I've gotta say no here.

I look at it in this comparison.


Those are his base stats.
Now lets look at Swampert, ( a much better choice ) 's base stats.


In the overall layout, Swampert has 5 less hp, and makes up for it with 15 more in both defenses, he has 25 more base attack, and equal base sp atk.
And his speed isn't the greatest.... only big downfall.

So if you want to have a good water/ground type, I think Swampert would be a much better choice, considering he can take more hits ( Even though his speed is lower Seismatoad's isn't exactly amazing either ) and deal a butt load more damage, for easy ohkos.

Well in this case you're right, I really didn't feel like looking at stats :P. But in case you can't trade from anyone Seismitoad is still a good option in my opinion.
Btw, ( thx for reminding me ) I breed mudkips, if you want one, I can get you one.

And on the Seismatoad subject, he has 85 for both attacking stats making it hard to do too much damage,
and his defending stats all both at 75 meaning he can't really take a hit, although his Hp does help him some having pretty nice hp, with still the sluggish, 74 for base speed.
Although he does have a nice ability ( Poison Touch )
And a pretty wide movepool
You said you breed Mudkips right? Well I'd love one if it turns out to be better than Seismitoad. (and it would help me get all the starters.
Yeah, I'd give you one, but I always like to have a fair trade, If I see you in chat we can organize it better
Why was this voted down so much. Does this have anything to do with the fake accounts? If so, we don't need your f'ing vigilantism. Vote this back up now and let Pokemaster dispense any justice.
I don't see why it was voted down either. I wouldn't put it as best answer if it wasn't helpful. And this really was =D =D
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Well I haven't yet got one, but so far with palpitoad It's going great, he has a great movepool and only one weakness (grass), you could cover that with an ice beam or blizzard or something like that.
I say he's pretty much worth it for a great water/ground type.