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After trying to obtain a DeepSeaScale, and losing patience with the idea, I'm back to my breeding. I wanted a capable Water type at first, then I just wanted a water type I liked. With this year's World Championships fresh in my mind, I am determined to go through with this, which led to Seismitoad and Cloyster. Since my inablity to make a decision is making an appearance, I ask of you all: Seismitoad or Cloyster?

To try and make this particular question easier to answer, here is the current team I'm trying to train: Magmortar, Hydreigon, Skarmory, Gardevoir, Breloom, and either Seismitoad or Cloyster for the last spot. Thanks for any help offered.

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What is your team? we cant answer the question properly without your team.
Well, here it is as I've got it on paper: Hydreigon, Skarmory,Gardevoir, Magmortar, Breloom, and/or Seismitoad or Cloyster.
Hope that helps.

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Well, Looking at your team comp, I'm going to try to guess what role each poke has, and what Seismitoad or Cloyster can offer this team.
Lets start off with Hydreigon
My best guess tells me that your Hydreigon is a special sweeper? Maybe a scarfed or Life orbed one? That seems like a nice solid poke to have, just be sure to take down any fairy that might wall him easily.

Next is Skarmory
Skarmary is a nice lead to set up rocks or spikes, and I believe he is also your only Physical wall so far on this team. That can be alright at times, but it can be trumped really easily (Trust me, the life of a thinking a charizard is mega charizard x, instead of mega charizard y is harsh ;~; )

Now to Gardevoir
I am guessing this is your mega, and your special wall as well. As long as you manage to get a alright moveset (Moonblast, Calm mind, and Hyper voice would be good examples) then your alright.

Magmortar next
Another Special sweeper? So far the team looks REALLY weak to special walls like say, Clefable.
Anyway, it's a ok sweeper. It can be easily koed though by faster pokes (A Salamence could maybe 1 hit ko with earthquake, gain the moxie attack boost, and bam :/ )

Now Breloom can be a monster!
With the move spore, you can put to sleep big threats really early, and mach punch can be a amazing revenge killer, or just a good solid move with his ability technician. (Boosts the weakest moves. etc, etc.)

For Seismitoad or Cloyster
Well.... They are both good in there own respective rights, Cloyster with his Skill link ability paired with Icicle Spear, and Seismitoad for his good attack, hp, and elemental weakness.
However, I feel Seismitoad would be a better fit into this team. Seismitoad takes 1/2 damage from fire type moves, and none from electric, making him a ok switch in after skarmory, or when he is in danger, 1/2 damage from poison and steel type moves, making it another ok switch in after Gardevoir, and has a ok move pool with Knock-off, Drain-punch, Ice-punch, etc.
(I might have to try him out to be sure, but he seems like the more reliable choice since Hydreigon and cloyster share a x2 weakness to fighting)
Hope I helped :3

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I do want to point out,Leo, that Hydreigon is a physical attacker in this team. A pre-prediction , as he's used a special attacker. He's still Scarfed, though.
...And since I can't seem to breed another ability other than Hustle.
Hydreigon only has one ability so even if deino is hustle when it evolves into hydreigon it will have levitate, btw deino can only have hustle has a ability.
I will say, that is a odd Hydreigon :/ last I checked, he hardly had much of a physical move pool
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Comparison Time!
- Extremely High Defense
- Skill Link + Icicle Spear + STAB = Deadly
- 4 Weaknesses and 2 Resistances
- Mediocre Stats beside Attack and Defense
- Mega Lucario with Aura Sphere will most definitely OHKO, A common threat
- 1 Weakness
- High HP and Useable Attack make for a great tank
- Poison Touch can be very handy, as well as Swift Swim
- Low defenses make it less of a tank
For a better Pokemon, The Toad's the better option
Hope I helped