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I am looking through some Pokemon to use in any game really, so I was just curious.

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What does "stat wise" mean? Does the answer need a separate section for every generation?
What i mean is, the strongest pokemon for every type
BTW no megas
What does "strongest" mean? Does the answer need a separate section for every generation?
No, for each type. So, lets say the highest bst for water type is magikarp.(obviously isn't) That is the "strongest". Also, no repeating pokemon, so if metagross is best steel, don't make it psychic too.
Is this including legendaries?
Not sure if "best Pokemon" is the best wording for what you're trying to ask about
Maybe you should leave out legendaries too

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Excluding legendaries and only "base" forms:
(base forms means no greninja-ash or darmanitan-zen)
(Slash indicates runner up or tie because the types overlap sometimes)
Water: Milotic
Fire: Arcanine
Normal: Slaking
Electric: Electivire
Grass: Tangrowth
Steel: Metagross/Duraludon
Dragon: Dragapult/Kommo-o
Fairy: Florges
Ghost: Dragapult/Decidueye
Ice: Vaniluxe
Fighting: Kommo-o/Infernape
Poison: Crobat
Ground: Garchomp
Flying: Salamence
Psychic: Metagross/Delphox
Bug: Volcanrona
Rock: Tyranitar
Dark: Hydreigon
Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all#

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Yo this is amazing thanks!!
thank you!!! this is my first answer!
I like how concise it is. You'll be good at this stuff.
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I know you said no repeats, but its a bit unclear which type you want to take precedence if a Pokemon has the highest base stat total for both of its types, so I'm just going to list the top 3 (sometimes 4 if there was a tie) for each type for simplicity

Normal: Arceus (720), Slaking (670), Regigigas (670)
Fire: Primal Groudon (770), Arceus-Fire (720), Ho-Oh (680), Reshiram (680)
Water: Primal Kyogre (770), Arceus-Water (720), Palkia (680)
Electric: Arceus-Electric (720), Zekrom (680), Mega Ampharos (610)
Grass: Arceus-Grass (720), Mega Sceptile (630), Mega Venusaur (625)
Ice: Arceus-Ice (720), Kyruem Black (700), Kyurem White (700)
Fighting: Mega Mewtwo X (780), Arceus-Fighting (720), Zamazenta (Crowned Shield) (720)
Ground: Primal Groudon (770), Arceus-Ground (720), Zygarde Complete Forme (708)
Poison: Eternamax Eternatus (1125), Arceus-Poison (720), Eternatus (690)
Flying: Mega Rayquaza (780), Arceus-Flying (720), Mega Salamence (700)
Psychic: Mega Mewtwo Y (780), Mega Mewtwo X (780), Ultra Necrozma (754)
Bug: Arceus-Bug (720), Mega Pinsir (600), Mega Scizor (600), Mega Heracross (600)
Rock: Arceus-Rock (720), Mega Tyranitar (700), Mega Diancie (700)
Ghost: Arceus-Ghost (720), Giratina (680), Lunala (680), Dusk Wings Necrozma (680)
Dragon: Eternamax Eternatus (1125), Mega Rayquaza (780), Ultra Necrozma (754)
Dark: Arceus-Dark (720), Mega Tyranitar (700), Yveltal (680), Hoopa Unbound (680)
Steel: Arceus-Steel (720), Zacian (Crowned Sword) (720), Zamazenta (Crowned Shield) (720)
Fairy: Arceus-Fairy (720), Zacian (Crowned Sword) (720), Mega Diancie (700)


Hope this helped!

Arceus is so OP. No wonder they never distributed. BTW I had said no megas, so...
Ill update in a sec. Do you want me to take the Legendaries out too?
Ya can you take them out pls
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