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I know this question had been asked many times but I'm looking for non legendaries. Can you please include the ones with highest Atk and SpA? Like for grass it would be Breloom for Atk and Roserade for SpA. Thanks!

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*Cough* Arceus *Cough*

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Highest Attack:

Normal: Slaking
Fire: Darmanitan
Water: Kingler
Electric: Electivire
Grass: Breloom
Ice: Mamoswine
Fighting: Conkeldurr
Poison: Toxicroak
Ground: Rhyperior
Flying: Archeops
Psychic: Metagross
Bug: Escavalier
Rock: Rampardos
Ghost: Golurk
Dragon: Haxorus
Dark: Tyranitar
Steel: Escavalier (again)

Highest Sp.Atk:

Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Chandelure
Water: Omastar
Electric: Magnezone
Grass: Exeggutor/Roserade
Ice: Glaceon
Fighting: Lucario
Poison: Gengar
Ground: Camerupt
Flying: Togekiss
Psychic: Darmanitan (Zen Mode)
Bug: Volcarona
Rock: Omastar (again)
Ghost: Chandelure (again)
Dragon: Hydreigon
Dark: Hydreigon (again)
Steel: Magnezone (again)

Include Legendaries:
Top 100 Atk Pokemon
Top 100 Sp.Atk Pokemon

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This took a long time to put together.  I got the info from the DB's Pokemon with stats chart (by type).
I personally wouldn't put Slaking on this; he only gets to use his attack half the time so that stat might as well be halved.
They didn't say useful pokemon, just which one had the highest stat. That's why it's on there.
very strange....

would have never guesd that those were the best for each type.


altough porygon-z deservs to be there. :P