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Not counting moves like Roar of Time, as only one Pokemon learns it normally.

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http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/110505/what-are-the-most-powerful-type-moves everything but fairy and steel here.  Fairy is, Moonblast and steel is Iron Tail.  Hope this helps!
He Said No Signature Moves

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Poison-Gunk Shot
Fire-Overheat(Or Blast Burn,only Starters Can Learn it)
Water-Hydro Pump(Or Hydro Cannon,only starters can learn it)
Electric-Zap cannon/Thunder(Or Volt Tackle,only Pikachu Line can learn it)
Grass-Leaf Storm(Or Frenzy Plant,only Starters can Learn it)
Fighting-Hi Jump Kick
Flying-Sky Attack
Psychic-Synchronize/Future Sight
Rock-Head Smash/Rock Wrecker
Ghost-Phantom Force
Dragon-Draco Meteor
Dark-Foul Play(Night Daze,only Zorua line can know it)
Steel-Iron Tail

This Is Based on Base Power
I Did Not Add Legendary Pokemon's Signature Moves as You Requested

Hope this Helped-Legend of Lotad

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But night daze has only 85 base power foul play outclasses it
Foul Play is Based on The Opponent's attack, therefore making Night Daze Next.