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DISCLAIMER: I know this was asked before (without signature moves though), but that was in 2014 now it is almost 2019. So I think we could get a new question about this.

Recoil Damage/Under 100% Accuracy Moves should be included, but after them you should place the one without recoil/under 100% accuracy moves. Both Physical and Special moves should be apart. Z-Moves could be included, but like the rest they still should be apart.

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None of these answers are right.
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None of these answers are right? That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard in my life.

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Signature: Multi-Attack
Recoil: Explosion
Regular: Last Resort
Inaccurate: Giga Impact
Z: Pulverizing Pancake
Signature: Techno Blast
Recoil: None
Regular: Boomburst
Inaccurate: Hyper Beam
Z: Boomburst/Hyper Beam
Signature: V-Create
Recoil: Flare Blitz
Regular: Blaze Kick
Inaccurate: Fire Fang
Z: V-Create
Signature: Mind Blown/Shell Trap
Recoil: Mind Blown
Regular: Eruption
Inaccurate: Blast Burn
Z: Blast Burn/Eruption/Mind Blown/Shell Trap
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Liquidation
Inaccurate: Crabhammer
Z: Crabhammer
Signature: Origin Pulse/Steam Eruption
Recoil: None
Regular: Water Spout
Inaccurate: Hydro Cannon
Z: Hydro Cannon/Water Spout
Signature: Bolt Strike
Recoil: Volt Tackle
Regular: Thunder Punch
Inaccurate: Bolt Strike
Z: Castropika
Signature: Parabolic Charge
Recoil: None
Regular: Thunderbolt
Inaccurate: Zap Cannon
Z: Zap Cannon
Signature: Trop Kick
Recoil: Wood Hammer
Regular: Solar Blade
Inaccurate: Power Whip
Z: Power Whip/Solar Blade/Wood Hammer
Signature: Seed Flare
Recoil: None
Regular: Petal Dance/Solar Beam
Inaccurate: Frenzy Plant
Z: Frenzy Plant
Signature: Freeze Shock
Recoil: None
Regular: Ice Punch (Icicle Spear May do more sometimes)
Inaccurate: Ice Hammer
Z: Freeze Shock
Signature: Ice Burn
Recoil: None
Regular: Ice Beam
Inaccurate: Blizzard
Z: Ice Burn
Signature: None
Recoil: High Jump Kick (If it misses)
Regular: Focus Punch
Inaccurate: High Jump Kick
Z: Focus Punch
Signature: Secret Sword
Recoil: None
Regular: Aura Sphere
Inaccurate: Focus Blast
Z: Focus Blast
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Poison Jab
Inaccurate: Gunk Shot
Z: Gunk Shot
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Sludge Wave
Inaccurate: Belch
Z: Belch
Signature: Precipice Blades
Recoil: None
Regular: Earthquake
Inaccurate: High Horsepower
Z: Precipice Blades
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Earth Power
Inaccurate: Mud Bomb
Z: Earth Power
Signature: Dragon Ascent
Recoil: Brave Bird
Regular: Drill Peck
Inaccurate: Sky Attack
Z: Sky Attack
Signature: Aeroblast
Recoil: None
Regular: Gust
Inaccurate: Hurricane
Z: Hurricane
Signature: Heart Stamp
Recoil: None
Regular: Psychic Fangs
Inaccurate: Zen Headbutt
Z: Psychic Fangs/Zen Headbutt
Signature: Prismatic Laser
Recoil: None
Regular: Future Sight
Inaccurate: (None) The only Inaccurate special psychic moves are Psycho Boost and Psywave
Z: Prismatic Laser/Psycho Boost/Light That Burns The Sky
Signature: Attack Order
Recoil: None
Regular: X-Scissor/Lunge/Leech Life
Inaccurate: Megahorn
Z: Megahorn
Signature: Pollen Puff
Recoil: None
Regular: Bug Buzz
Inaccurate: None
Z: Pollen Puff/Bug Buzz
Signature: Rock Wrecker
Recoil: Head Smash
Regular: Smack Down
Inaccurate: Stone Edge
Z: Rock Wrecker/Head Smash
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Power Gem
Inaccurate: None
Z: Power Gem
Signature: Shadow Force
Recoil: None
Regular: Phantom Force
Inaccurate: None
Z: Soul-Stealing Seven-Star Strike
Signature: Moongeist Beam
Recoil: None
Regular: Shadow Ball
Inaccurate: None
Z: Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: Outrage
Inaccurate: Dragon Rush
Z: Outrage
Signature: Roar Of Time
Recoil: None
Regular: Dragon Pulse
Inaccurate: Draco Meteor
Z: Roar Of Time
Signature: Hyperspace Fury
Recoil: None
Regular: Foul Play
Inaccurate: None
Z: Hyperspace Fury
Signature: Night Daze
Recoil: None
Regular: Dark Pulse
Inaccurate: Snarl
Z: Night Daze/Dark Pulse
Signature: Sunsteel Strike
Recoil: None
Regular: Iron Head
Inaccurate: Iron Tail
Z: Searing Sunraze Smash
Signature: Doom Desire
Recoil: None
Regular: Flash Cannon
Inaccurate: Mirror Shot
Z: Doom Desire
Signature: None
Recoil: None
Regular: None
Inaccurate: Play Rough
Z: Lets Snuggle Forever
Signature: Light Of Ruin
Recoil: Light Of Ruin
Regular: Moonblast
Inaccurate: (None) Only Light Of Ruin, Fleur Cannon, and Nature's Madness
Z: Light Of Ruin

Source: I Looked through Here and Here :P

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Psycho Boost isn't a Z-Move e.e
I didn't say it was a Z-move, when I put Psycho Boost in the z-move category, I meant a Psychic Z-move based off of Psycho Boost was the strongest Psychic Z-move in said z-move category (in this case tying with a z move based off of Prismatic Laser, and the species specific Z-move Light That Burns The Sky) :P
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Overall: Explosion
Physical Overall: Explosion
Special Overall: Hyper Beam

Excluding Negative Effects: Boomburst
Physical Excluding Negative Effects: Multi-Attack
Special Excluding Negative Effects: Boomburst

Z-Move: Pulverizing Pancake


Overall: Frenzy Plant
Physical Overall: Solar Blade
Special Overall: Frenzy Plant

Excluding Negative Effects: Leaf Blade / Energy Ball / Petal Blizzard
Physical Excluding Negative Effects: Leaf Blade / Petal Blizzard
Special Excluding Negative Effects: Energy Ball


Overall: V-Create
Physical Overall: V-Create
Special Overall: Blast Burn / Shell Trap / Inferno / Mind Blown

Excluding Negative Effects: Fusion Flare / Searing Shot
Physical Excluding Negative Effects: Fire Lash
Special Excluding Negative Effects: Fusion Flare / Searing Shot


Overall: Hydro Cannon / Water Spout
Physical Overall: Crabhammer
Special Overall: Hydro Cannon / Water Spout

Excluding Negative Effects: Surf
Physical Excluding Negative Effects: Liquidation
Special Excluding Negative Effects: Surf

Z-Move: Oceanic Operetta


Overall: Bolt Strike
Physical: Bolt Strike
Special: Zap Cannon

Excluding Negative Effects: Fusion Bolt / Plasma Fists
Physical: Fusion Bolt / Plasma Fists
Special: Thunderbolt

Z-Move: Catostropika
Physical: Catostropika
Special: 1,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt


Overall: Ice Burn / Freeze Shock
Physical: Freeze Shock
Special: Ice Burn

Excluding Negative Effects: Ice Beam
Physical: Ice Punch
Special: Ice Beam


Overall: Focus Punch
Physical: Focus Punch
Special: Focus Blast

Excluding Negative Effects: Sacred Sword
Physical: Sacred Sword
Special: Secret Sword


Overall: Belch / Gunk Shot
Physical: Gunk Shot
Special: Belch

Excluding Negative Effects: Sludge Wave
Physical: Poison Jab
Special: Sludge Wave


Overall: Precipice Blades
Physical: Precipice Blades
Special: Earth Power

Excluding Negative Effects: Earthquake
Physical: Earthquake
Special: Earth Power


Overall: Sky Attack
Physical: Sky Attack
Special: Hurricane

Excluding Negative Effects: Oblivion Wing / Drill Peck
Physical: Drill Peck
Special: Oblivion Wing


Overall: Prismatic Laser
Physical: Psychic Fangs
Special: Prismatic Laser

Excluding Negative Effects: Psystrike / Photon Geyser
Physical: Psychic Fangs
Special: Psystrike / Photon Geyser

Z-Move: Light That Burns the Sky


Overall: Megahorn
Physical: Megahorn
Special: Pollen Puff / Bug Buzz

Excluding Negative Effects: Pollen Puff / Attack Order / Bug Buzz
Physical: Attack Order
Special: Pollen Puff / Bug Buzz


Overall: Rock Wrecker / Head Smash
Physical: Rock Wrecker / Head Smash
Special: Power Gem

Excluding Negative Effects: Power Gem
Physical: Smack Down
Special: Power Gem

Z-Move: Splintered Stormshards


Overall: Shadow Force
Physical: Shadow Force
Special: Moongeist Beam

Excluding Negative Effects: Moongeist Beam
Physical: Spectral Thief
Special: Moongeist Beam

Z-Move: Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom
Physical: Soul Stealing Seven Star Strike
Special: Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom


Overall: Roar of Time
Physical: Outrage
Special: Roar of Time

Excluding Negative Effects: Core Enforcer
Physical: Dragon Hammer
Special: Core Enforcer

Z-Move: Clangorous Soulblaze


Overall: Hyperspace Fury
Physical: Hyperspace Fury
Special: Night Daze

Excluding Negative Effects: Foul Play
Physical: Foul Play
Special: Dark Pulse

Z-Move: Malicious Moonsault


Overall: Doom Desire
Physical: Iron Tail / Sunsteel Strike
Special: Doom Desire

Excluding Negative Effects: Sunsteel Strike
Physical: Sunsteel Strike
Special: Flash Cannon

Z-Move: Searing Sunraze Smash


Overall: Light of Ruin
Physical: Play Rough
Special: Light of Ruin

Excluding Negative Effects: Moonblast
Physical: None
Special: Moonblast

Z-Move: Let's Snuggle Forever

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Yours was really good! I liked all these answers. But eXcess's one was the most easy to read.
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Normal: Explosion (Phy.)/Hyper Beam (Spe.)/Pulverizing Pancake (Z)
Fire: V-Create (Phy.)/Blast Burn (Spe.)/Inferno Overdrive w. V-Create (Z)
Water: Crabhammer (Phy.)/Water Spout (Spe.)/Hydro Vortex w. Water Spout (Z)
Grass: Solar Blade (Phy.)/Frenzy Plant (Spe.)/Bloom Doom w. Frenzy Plant (Z)
Electric: Bolt Strike (Phy.)/Zap Cannon (Spe.)/Catastropika (Z)
Ground: Precipice Blades (Phy.)/Earth Power (Spe.)/Tectonic Rage w. Precipice Blades (Z)
Ice: Freeze Shock (Phy.)/Ice Burn (Spe.)/Subzero Slammer w. Freeze Shock (Z)
Fighting: Focus Punch (Phy.)/Focus Blast (Spe.)/All-Out Pummeling w. Focus Punch (Z)
Poison: Gunk Shot (Phy.)/Belch (Spe.)/Acid Downpour w. Gunk Shot (Z)
Flying: Sky Attack (Phy.)/Hurricane (Spe.)/Supersonic Skystrike w. Sky Attack (Z)
Psychic: Psychic Fangs (Phy.)/Prismatic Laser (Spe.)/Light That Burns The Sky (Z)
Bug: Megahorn (Phy.)/Bug Buzz (Spe.)/Savage Spin-Out w. Megahorn (Z)
Rock: Rock Wrecker (Phy.)/Power Gem (Spe.)/Continental Crush w. Head Smash (Z)
Ghost: Shadow Force (Phy.)/Moongeist Beam (Spe.)/Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom (Z)
Dragon: Outrage (Phy.)/Roar Of Time (Spe.)/Devastating Drake w. Roar Of Time (Z)
Dark: Hyperspace Fury (Phy.)/Night Daze (Spe.)/Malicious Moonsault (Z)
Steel: Sunsteel Strike (Phy.)/Doom Desire (Spe.)/Searing Sunraze Smash (Z)
Fairy: Play Rough (Phy.)/Light of Ruin (Spe.)/Twinkle Tackle w. Light of Ruin (Z)

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