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Which Dragon-type pokemon is strogest? (due to sp.atk)


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Dialga, Palkia, and Reshiram have the highest S.Attack among dragons at 150. For non-legends it is Hydregion at 125. But there is no strongest dragon type that is just opinion. Zekrom and Raquaza share the highest Attack among dragons at 150. The Highest for non-legends is Haxorus at 147.

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wat bout atk?
You never asked for Attack. I will put in the answer though.
unova pokemons get all the nice poop dont they?
Yeah, sort of. If you go to the Pokemon with the highest stats (non-legendary), Unova only has one Pokemon in this "category" - Hydreigon, as most others have more. Considering Unova has the most region-native Pokemon, this isn't really as impressive...
Rayquaza has base SP.Attack 150, as well as attack.
I thought Dragonite was a strong dragon.